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High-End Residential Developments

High-End Residential Developments

Vitech work with many high-end developers, and as such receive many high-end residential projects.

One of the most fundamental parts of Vitech's business is the maintenance and or development of residential properties. Vitech has a large roster of clients, including Barratt London, who employ the services of Vitech to ensure their residents are kept safe and secure and are looked after only to the highest standard. Our engineers have taken on all manor of jobs for these high-end residences over the years, from the smallest of issues such a broken smoke alarm or blown fuse, to far larger, far grander schemes of work, in such instances where we have worked alongside mainstream developers in the construction phase of these developments.

If a property is currently lived in, our engineers are always dutiful and respectful to anyone within the property. We will always carry out any work necessary in as clean and as productive a way as possible to ensure disruption to the resident and their property is kept to a minimum. Given the tough times we currently find ourselves in, our engineers are also fully kitted with the correct PPE for entering people's properties and will always perform the correct checks before any work begins.

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